Our IGCSE  Courses

IGCSE Maths Course (2023 Exam Sitting)

  • This course prepares students towards the 2023 exam sitting
  • 2 x 1h lessons a week
  • Monday & Wednesday 11:30am - 12:30pm (UK time)
  • Two year course begins September 2021
  • ONLY £44 every 4 weeks (£5.50 per hour)

 IGCSE Maths Course (2022 Exam Sitting)

This course prepares students for the 2022 exam sitting

  • 2 x 1h lessons a week
  • Monday and Wednesday 1:00 - 2:00pm (UK time)
  • Started in September 2020
  • Second year of 2 year course resumes in September 2021

IGCSE Maths 1 to 1 Tuition

    • Please contact for availability
    • Currently no spaces available

Who are the IGCSE maths courses designed for?

 Our courses are ideal for students who are home educated as most of the lessons are held during the day.

Why choose to study online?

Studying online is extremely convenient, cutting out all the commuting, waiting around or having someone having to come into your homes. As a parent, taking your child to and from tuition can be awfully stressful and extremely difficult, however when studying online, all those hardships are eliminated.

No matter where you are in the world, so long as you have a reliable internet connection and a PC, laptop or device you can attend our lessons.

Ideal age and ability of Students

Students from as young as 13 can join the course. As a parent, if you feel your child is ready to start the preparation and build up for their exams, then this course would cater for them. If not, then students can also join the KS3 course that we are also running.

Lesson Format

Our lessons are taught using an online platform where there is visual, audio, interactive whiteboard and presentation. Each student can use the chat feature to ask and answer questions.

Our IGCSE lessons are 1 hr 15 mins two times a week. In most cases, a video recording will be made available for students to watch and revise. Additionally, notes are sent via email so there is no need to purchase any books or additional material.



Homework is given in the first lesson of the week so students can practice what they have learned and at the end of the week they are required to complete an online worksheet and their marks are added to a spreadsheet where parents can access and track their students progress.

Each student is encouraged to keep all their lesson notes and homework in one exercise book or folder, again, as a point of reference for revision for their exams.

How students attend the lessons

Once payment is complete and you have registered students will be able to access the lessons and materials. An invitation will be emailed to the students and they simply follow the link provided, give their name and email address and  will then be automatically added to the virtual classroom.

Pricing and Payment

After filling out the registration you will be sent an invoice via paypal and payments can be made using paypal or a debit card. Payments are made every four weeks. The price for the course is a four-week block price and the lessons are not individually priced, so for whatever reason a student cannot attend a lesson, the amount will not be refunded. If a child is a way for a longer period of time, please contact us and we will come to an arrangement.

Child Safety and protection

One of the pros of studying online is that there is no 'in-person' correspondence or contact. All communication is done online and is completely transparent. Parents are able to watch over their children during lessons. Each child will log on using an email address and all correspondence can go through parents.

 If you would like to contact us with any questions please email us at admin@corednet.org or use the 'contact us' page.